Monday, March 28, 2011

Why did I do that?

Last week I impulsively applied for a job. I sent off a resume, got called to an open interview with one day's notice and was given no contact information. I went.

I asked for an entry-level position. I did say the words "low stress" and "part-time" and made it clear that school came first, but in the most "hire me I'm awesome" kind of way. I only wanted an entry-level position. Really, I only wanted a paycheck and no personal obligation (i.e. high turnover rate).

Let's just be real here, and say that I have this debilitating need to be liked. I got nervous, and tried to be as likable and hire-able as possible.

They seemed interested in my history and started talking about training in another city for a job I did not apply for, but I need to be liked (and valued), so I nodded and smiled and tried to figure out how this new job with increased responsibility might work with my life.

As soon as my husband was available I told him that we were going to get beer so I could talk at him about this job. And I did. He tried to convince me to mull it over, as I usually make my best decisions with time. So, I had another beer and tried to put it out of my mind. I tried so hard to tell the dweller in me to "shut it for the day - I'll get back to you tomorrow!"but I just shook with stress most of the night.

I woke up at 3am with a terrible headache that not even three Excedrin could fix. Man, am I lucky! I decided at about 5:30 that I was not going to take any job because, hello, I just recently got focused on my passions and have recently gotten overwhelmed with my to-do lists anyway. So why would I regress to take a job I never wanted (again) with more responsibility than I signed up for (again) and be so spineless that I let this unwanted job take over my personal life (again)?

I got a phone call at 9am the next morning. That 3am headache saved me an even bigger headache, 'cause I would have agreed to anything since I didn't have a plan in order.

Dude was not too thrilled with me, understandably. I feel like such a gomer for wasting his time and mine, but at least I'm reminded of my priorities I guess. Gotta find something useful out of this, since it's not a paycheck... heh.

Since I did this idiotic thing I've been on the "quitters high" and started planning what I'm going to do with all this new-found "free time." Bah!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Winter Weaving

Now that spring has officially sprung and I attended my first basketry retreat last weekend (and I found my camera, but let's pretend that the timing was planned), I feel it's time to share what I've woven over the winter... and spring, since some of this is a few days old. But nevermind those technicalities.

I apologize in advance for the lighting and photography.

I did all these with instruction - Thanks to the wonderfulness that is Kathey Ervin I made this fantastic cowboy hat. Everything I've woven up to this weekend is because of her classes. I also took a cedar prep class from her, and it sure is amazing fun splitting that bark!

Closer look at the twill (can you spot my mistake? It's all I can look at!):

Also she taught me to make these bracelets - two of which I made in class. The purple accented one (in the middle) I did at home later.

At retreat I took classes for the first time with Jo Ann Hart and George Hart - Cedar Utility Basket and Cedar Rope, respectively. They are amazing as well, and I am thrilled to have gotten in to these classes!

You can't really tell from the photos, but this thing has three (three!) rims and when done properly and viewed from the top, it is lovely!

Close up of the weave:

I totally feel macho (does "totally" cancel out the "macho?") when I say "When the apocalypse comes and you need a rope, come to me for all your rope-making needs!" Which I have said only once, but I came across very heroic. Like a car salesman. But with cooler product.

The rope is not finished, as I need to oil it up and pound the crap out of it. I will also be giving it a shave, as you can see it's hairier than I am! Once complete, it will go on the Cedar Utility Basket where it will be adjustable(!) and used for many foraging adventures. YAY!

It is difficult to bring myself to do anything else, I just want to weave! Sorry, dishes.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Pleasure of Tiny Things: For Japan

Like many of us, Diem Chau has been keeping up with the news about Japan. Unlike many of us, she's doing something about it. Support her, enter to win amazing art, send money and good vibes to Japan.

The Pleasure of Tiny Things: For Japan: Raffle for Japanese Red Cross


Also, take a look at how amazing technology is. This gives me hope for mankind, and The Wikipedia gets updates pretty darn quick!