Monday, March 28, 2011

Why did I do that?

Last week I impulsively applied for a job. I sent off a resume, got called to an open interview with one day's notice and was given no contact information. I went.

I asked for an entry-level position. I did say the words "low stress" and "part-time" and made it clear that school came first, but in the most "hire me I'm awesome" kind of way. I only wanted an entry-level position. Really, I only wanted a paycheck and no personal obligation (i.e. high turnover rate).

Let's just be real here, and say that I have this debilitating need to be liked. I got nervous, and tried to be as likable and hire-able as possible.

They seemed interested in my history and started talking about training in another city for a job I did not apply for, but I need to be liked (and valued), so I nodded and smiled and tried to figure out how this new job with increased responsibility might work with my life.

As soon as my husband was available I told him that we were going to get beer so I could talk at him about this job. And I did. He tried to convince me to mull it over, as I usually make my best decisions with time. So, I had another beer and tried to put it out of my mind. I tried so hard to tell the dweller in me to "shut it for the day - I'll get back to you tomorrow!"but I just shook with stress most of the night.

I woke up at 3am with a terrible headache that not even three Excedrin could fix. Man, am I lucky! I decided at about 5:30 that I was not going to take any job because, hello, I just recently got focused on my passions and have recently gotten overwhelmed with my to-do lists anyway. So why would I regress to take a job I never wanted (again) with more responsibility than I signed up for (again) and be so spineless that I let this unwanted job take over my personal life (again)?

I got a phone call at 9am the next morning. That 3am headache saved me an even bigger headache, 'cause I would have agreed to anything since I didn't have a plan in order.

Dude was not too thrilled with me, understandably. I feel like such a gomer for wasting his time and mine, but at least I'm reminded of my priorities I guess. Gotta find something useful out of this, since it's not a paycheck... heh.

Since I did this idiotic thing I've been on the "quitters high" and started planning what I'm going to do with all this new-found "free time." Bah!

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Chelsea Talks Smack said...

"quitters high" oh yes, i know this feeling so well- bliss!