Friday, September 16, 2011

You got 5 free minutes? It may need to turn into 45.

I like to think of myself as this charming.

Aside from not being able to figure out how to get my photos to upload, you can tell why I haven't been posting much. This shit is hilarious!



Rachael said...

Oh my god, her baking one ("I'll just use this... pegboard.") had me in tears. I can't watch these at work because I laugh so hard.

Jenny said...

I know!I will now refer to all muffin tins as pegboards out of love for her!

I want to watch her and Allie from Hyperbole and a Half get together, drink and attempt to accomplish something. That sounds like the best party ever.

Julie said...

Ahhh, so fantastic! I would not want to get drunk and get in the kitchen. Disaster zone.